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The Romin EVO Pro with Mirror features Specialized 's groundbreaking Body Geometry and Mirror saddle technology to create an unmatched combination of performance and comfort. The saddle is designed for riders who prefer a more aggressive, performance-oriented riding position that still protects soft tissue and blood flow. The result: 26% less pressure, exactly where it matters. The new Romin EVO Pro with Mirror has been fitted with the same 3D printed pad as our S-Works Romin EVO with Mirror. However, its shell is made of nylon and recycled carbon fibers and it has hollow titanium seat stays. It's one of the most popular saddles among Specialized 's pro athletes around the world, season after season. Its traditionally long shape is designed to reduce pressure in aggressive, race-specific positions, and riders can slide back and forth on the saddle to find the ideal position for fast climbing or maximum wattage. With the new Mirror technology, the saddle reduces pressure by up to 26% compared to traditional foam saddles, which has been confirmed by extensive high-resolution pressure mapping studies. The 3D-printed 22,200-node, 10,700-strut matrix - Specialized 's thickest mirror pad to date - is supported by a unique concave shell. To ensure the fit is right, they offer the Romin EVO Pro in two widths: 155mm and 143mm. Body Geometry and Mirror technology Specialized 's know that every body is different. However, the problems faced by riders in the saddle are the same - pressure on the sit bones, scar tissue build-up and loss of blood flow. Using pressure mapping studies, blinded comfort studies, and even penile blood flow studies (yes, they actually did that), Body Geometry and Mirror saddles not only promise women and men to have solved these problems— Specialized has proven they do. Unlike traditional fixed density foam, Mirror technology allows the creation of different densities within a single material. But any material is only as good as the designers and engineers who use it. Thanks to the Body Geometry method, Retül data and decades of experience, the 3D printed matrix is designed to support the sit bones over a larger area. The resulting hammock effect allows the saddle to carry the weight instead of the fabric around the rider's sit bones. Durable and sustainable: Due to the use of recycled carbon fibers in the shell, Specialized avoids the disposal of carbon fiber waste in landfills while creating a durable, lightweight saddle. Combined with the hollow titanium seat stays, the Romin EVO Pro with Mirror is a saddle that, at just 243 grams and 143 mm wide, is light enough for road and cross-country competition and tough enough for gravel and trail riding.

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highlights Patented, lab-tested Body Geometry design for better comfort and optimal blood flow to sensitive arteries The saddlecloth with Mirror technology has 22,200 knots and 10,700 struts, all of which are individually matched to one another SWAT™ compatible mounts in the saddle shell allow for sleek and fully integrated storage options Hollow and therefore light seat stays made of durable titanium Nylon shell with 15% recycled carbon fiber Size: 143 mm / Weight: approx. 239 g Size: 155 mm / Weight: approx. 245 g